Your profitable commercial property

Invest and get passive income
from the rental of commercial real estate from the comfort of home with EstatesMe.

Having passive income is the dream of any smart and forward-thinking person. This helps to "not be tied" to the basic income, as well as to receive monthly savings, which turn the initial investment amount into a reliable capital..

Building your financial future with bank deposits is a futile business. Initially established interest rates on deposits are gradually decreasing, so it is good when, when you receive your funds back, you at least return their payment value. But what if you find yourself in the red?

Trading companies, casino bets are dangerous. These organizations have too many temptations to receive someone's money, voluntarily given to them to manage, but the risk is too great. Where is the guarantee of the return on the invested amounts with profit? You say goodbye to your wondrous dream and donated funds!

Trust and verify

With EstatesMe, your thoughts and intentions will turn into concrete actions! We are real estate investment experts who are able to anticipate hidden prospects, calculate potential benefits, and ensure profitability.

  • Each object undergoes a thorough study for the stability of existence and development prospects. If it passes the check for legal, technical and financial characteristics, only then the building (complex) is placed on our website.
  • With EstatesMe you are not afraid of inflation, because all offers are highly liquid.

Real estate investment consulting will determine the vector of financial development for the near future.

Benefits from cooperation

  1. We trust the search and verification of potentially lucrative properties by real finance and insurance professionals with a solid reputation in the financial world. They know how to distinguish the hidden money diamond from the imaginary profitability. Only 2 options out of hundreds of proposals undergo a serious audit. The real estate investment expert has a solid reputation in the business world.
  2. Investors choose offers at home and abroad. Diversification allocates funds so that in the event of market unforeseen circumstances, losses are minimized.
  3. Property insurance and personal insurance of invested finances provide a money-back guarantee. Emergencies cannot be foreseen, since they are provoked by climatic cataclysms, world epidemics and other uncontrollable risk factors. With EstateMe you get financial security in return for a small additional payment. We will offer detailed advice on real estate investment.

Additional privileges

Do you want to receive offers on profitable rental properties? People who have entered the Investors' Club have such a chance..

Here you can get professional advice on investing in real estate from specialists, independently develop a financial policy or join a group of people who make joint investments on a large scale. This helps you watch out for properties with the highest level of estimated recurring income.

We are interested in energetic people who have a grown-up attitude towards the topic of investments. By investing at least $ 100,000 per year in any real estate objects we offer, you confirm your serious intentions and deliberate actions. The second condition for membership in the VIP-club will be active participation in discussions, meetings, the intention to become a mentor for colleagues inexperienced in financial matters. We offer you to become an expert in real estate investment in a short time.

Successful cooperation with foreign partners convinced us to actively expand the list of proposals in different countries of the world. Real estate investment consultations are becoming a convenient and effective tool that helps to show the depth and benefits of each new proposal.

Passive Foreign Currency Income from EstatesMe only voids the end of the world! Invest now and get dividends from the first month of buying shares! Listen to an expert in real estate investment - EstatesMe international business companies!


start from 112$

low entry threshold

income from 0,2%/day

from the first day of your investment

Our goal - make a process
investment simple, enjoyable
and accessible to all

Bob Sulentic
Founder and Director of the Company

Our partners

Bob Sulentic

Chairman and CEO of CBRE

W. Brett White

Chief Executive Officer Cushman & Wakefield

Jay S. Hennick

Chief Executive Officer Colliers International

Christian Ulbrich

CEO and President of Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated

Kelly Vinson

Division Director in San Francisco, United States

Joseph D. Wallace

President of Northern California Division CBRE, Inc.

Grzegorz Chmielak

Head of Evaluation and Consulting in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) Knight Frank LLP

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