Investors club

Become a member of our VIP club and get the opportunity to invest in the most profitable offers with the highest profitability, which are available only for VIP members of the club.

Invest with us

Financial independence thanks to high returns and passive reinvestment of dividends.

A closed club for effective communication of those who look in the same direction in our Telegram VIP Chat.

Exclusive opportunities for collective investment in the most profitable properties.

A community of successful people united by the goal of effective money management and diversification of funds.

A personal manager for the selection of real estate objects, which guarantees their thorough and comprehensive analysis.

Commercial real estate with the highest liquidity and profitability.

Infrastructure to ensure liquidity of capital due to the annual increase in the value of objects.

High level of responsibility and guarantees to investors.

Complete confidentiality of interaction.

The terms of participation

Our goal is to create a community of people of equal social and business status. People who will understand each other and feel comfortable.

In order to become part of the investor club, you need to meet a few simple requirements:

Зарегистрироваться в клубе

Be an active investor by investing at least $ 100,000 in your portfolio during the year.

Participate in the life of the club, share thoughts and ideas, participate in online / offline club meetings, be a mentor and mentor for younger members of the club.