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High rating of objects

We make a decision on the choice of a particular property based on a variety of criteria, as well as the expertise of recognized experts and successful players in the real estate, investment and insurance market.

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Complete investment independence

On our site you can find a wide variety of real estate objects in different parts of the world. This allows you to diversify your risks and get independent management of your investment portfolio.

Physical damage insurance

All real estate objects we work with are insured by our partner company "GEICO" for up to $ 1,500,000, depending on the value of the property. This insurance provides complete security for your investment portfolio and is distributed among all investors. But we also recommend insuring your deposits with our insurance program, which will give you 100% security of your investment.

Inflation protection

All the objects we have selected have an annual increase in value and an increase in the liquidity of the object both due to inflation and due to the growth of the market in a particular country. Even if the market is growing slowly or not growing at all, you can be sure that inflation will not eat up your earnings.

Guaranteed rental dividend payments

From the moment you invest in renting commercial real estate, you will receive dividend payments from the first month. And all the profits received can be distributed through compound interest, which gives you the opportunity to increase your capital for several years.

Objects with a high quality rating

We carefully select each object together with the experts of our company. Each object of possible investment is tested for financial, technical and legal indicators. That allows you to publish only the most highly liquid, highly profitable properties.

Co-investment with recognized experts

We work with the largest players in the real estate market in the world. Our team consists of only recognized experts and professionals in commercial and residential real estate. This allowed us to achieve the best conditions for renting objects around the world, as well as to choose objects with maximum liquidity and minimum risks for you.